Networking of The Minds

children with their laptops

We understand that in order for us to make this program successful, we need to gather the like-minded people who are willing to drive change. Networking of the minds enabled us to meet amazing people, have conversation with them and get to know them deeply.

Our Networking Plan


We had to find ways that are cost efficient that deliver results. We found that the best way to spread the message is through online. We utilize many platforms that you can find on the internet such as instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, and vimeo. We continuously collaborate with bloggers to spread the message about the minds by writing about us. So far, everything is going well. Members continue to come and participate, we are so happy about the responses we get.

A Day Of Sharing Ideas

Two heads are better than one. We are a firm believer of this saying that’s why we dedicate a day where we could be ourselves and share our ideas. Meeting of the Minds is so much fun because of the people who came to join us. Whenever they share their thoughts, we can’t help it but to be motivated to do more.

We don’t stop sitting in one corner and talk all day. We walk together and explore the city where the event is held. We bring our cameras to do some street photography and once the program is over, we go out for some dinner and devour great food.