Meeting Of The Minds Journal

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Meeting of the Minds is a program to showcase the written articles of students from different school. The schools that participate in this program were given topics and/or problems as the subject of their articles. This program wants to encourage students at an early age to write so that they can hone their skills as soon as possible.

How Meeting of the Minds was Formed

Literacy continue to decline each year according to surveys, we saw that there is a need for an action plan so students will be encouraged to read books and write their own work. It started small when we’re forming the organization, but as expected more members came to join our cause.

The Need For Critical Thinkers

Our society is in need for game changers who would dare to break the status quo. Adults like us are trained to think the same way over and over again. We need to have a new set of paradigm to solve the impossible. We believe that critical thinkers are the key in building our future.

Changing The World Through Writing

The best way to send the message to the world is through writing. People need mind-awakening articles to compel their hearts to take action and fight those things that are destroying humanity. That is why we formed Meeting of the Minds. To train new generation to take action and make a difference through their written work.